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MOU Guiding Principles

Public Access - Single Point of Entry
Any person or organization shall have the opportunity to submit a HIPAA Change Request and that there be a single consistent point of entry or process to request a change.

Timely Review of Change Requests
The organizations agree to establish or maintain a methodology or process that ensures timely reviews and responses to all HIPAA Change Requests.  Since the Secretary can promulgate new or revised HIPAA rules no more frequently than once a year, each organization's process should be designed to work within that time frame.

Cooperation and Communication
The organizations agree to cooperate and communicate with one another as each organization looks at new transactions, changes in technology, or changes in the health care industry.

Consider all Viewpoints
The process allows for input and consideration of various viewpoints from health plans, providers and other entities involved in, or affected by, the HIPAA transaction rules.

Evaluate Impact of Change Requests
The organizations agree to consider the overall impact of the HIPAA Change Request on all the HIPAA transactions. While a request may seek a change to one transaction, it is possible that the change could have an effect on other transactions.

Maintain a National Perspective
The organizations agree to maintain a national perspective in satisfying the business needs of the health care industry while fostering administrative simplification.

Conform to Legislation
All changes recommended shall be consistent with HIPAA statutory and regulatory provisions.