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The DSMO Website
Change Request System
The DSMO website was created for a submitter to request a change to the named transactions and code sets. Once a change request has been entered, the DSMO processes the change and provides a recommendation. The process supports an appeal function. The DSMO then processes the appeal and provides a recommendation.

It is important to note that requesting a change on the DSMO website and having the change approved does not mean the change is available under the current HIPAA regulations. The federal naming of transactions and code sets must follow the Federal Rulemaking process in addition to approval in the SDO or DCC process.

Changes to federally adopted standards for transactions and code sets can also be made directly to the applicable organization named above. Each organization has a process for requesting changes/additions directly. Standard Development Organizations (X12, HL7 and NCPDP) encourage active participation within their standards development process.